Olympiad book for class 8

Olympiad Books for Class 8

                                        Recommended Olympiad Books for Class 8 There are many books available in market but it is suggested to solve firstly R D Sharma books of your course. Practicing sample papers are also equally important. Best books for practicing[…]

Ways to Success for Olympiad Exam

                                                                  Why Olympiad?? Olympiad exam is a school level syllabus based competitive examination.  The students are prepared to face future challenges and develop logical reasoning skills.[…]

Olympiad books for Class 9

                        Recommended books for Olympiad Class 9  #1 Mathematics Foundation Course for JEE/Olympiad – Class 9 This book is designed to familiarize the students with course of JEE and Olympiad. This book covers covers the complete syllabus of class 9 NCERT book.  Each concept is thoroughly explained with solved[…]

Olympiad books for Clas 10

Olympiad Books for Class 10

                                   Recommended Olympiad books for Class 10  Olympiads are conducted every year by agencies. Olympiads are not just competitive exams they motivate students to face challenges in futures. They prepare them for future.  Exams are conducted from class 1 to class 11 students[…]

Olympiad Books for Class 5

               Olympiad books for Class 5 #1 Mathematics Workbook for NTSE & Olympiad Grade 5 This book is For National Talent Search Exam olympiad. Book follows current NTSE pattern for Maths. #2 International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book (IMO) – Class 5 for 2018-19 #3 Olympiad Champs Mathematics Class 5 with Past Olympiad Questions #4 International[…]