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Ways to Success for Olympiad Exam

                                                                  Why Olympiad??

Olympiad exam is a school level syllabus based competitive examination.  The students are prepared to face future challenges and develop logical reasoning skills.  The Olympiad is conducted both on a National as well as International level.

Eligibility for Olympiad:  The eligibility criteria for the Olympiad is that any student from class 1 to class 12 is eligible to participate and the school has to be registered for the Olympiad exam for a student to partake.

Olympiads are usually tough and preparing for an Olympiad is usually exhausting.  However, with a little hard work, focus, and perseverance, you can prepare for the Olympiad and score well too.  For any test or competitive exam, preparation should begin well ahead of time.

How to Prepare:

  • Start preparing for the Olympiad well in advance at least 2 months before the exam.  Do not procrastinate and leave anything for the last minute. Firstly, go through the entire revised and updated syllabus meticulously.  This will give you a perspective on how to tackle the competitive exam. The detailed and updated syllabus is available online too.
  • Create a schedule according to your needs and ensure that you stick by it.  Your schedule should be devised in such a way that you have ample time for studying and one day for testing whatever has been learned.  Take a break and rest and after that recall whatever you have learned.
  • Referring to the right books to study from is of utmost importance.  Keep in mind that the level of difficulty is equivalent to the actual test and that relevant content and topics are covered in the study material.  Several books also provide with good study material and content to study and refer.
  • Download the free sample papers that are available online and practice free sample papers that are available for science, Maths and English from class 1st to 10th.  Make sure that you cover at least 85 percent of the syllabus that is required.
  • Make your priority list such that you study the high weightage topics first, and then the ones with lower weightage.  Identify the easy points and the points where you falter or find it difficult. Spend maximum time on the concepts that you find difficult.  Since the majority of the Olympiad examinations are objective (multiple choice question type) and concept-based, you need to reinforce the basic concepts and be thorough in it.
  • Take mock tests regularly while you prepare for the examination.  Do not live in an illusion and not be aware of your weak points while preparing for the examination.  This will establish the amount of time you need to prepare for the Olympiad and it will help you evaluate how difficult or easy the level of exam is for you individually.
  • Most students complete the entire syllabus and are content that they have covered the entire syllabus.  The right thing to do is to cover few topics and be 100% sure on those topics. This will lead to you answering all or most of the questions from the topic correctly during the exam.
  • It should be understood that practicing previous papers and taking up mock tests is essential, but students should not be highly dependent on these papers only.  Students should not consider the previous papers and mock tests as the be all and end all for the success of the Olympiad exams. It does not cater to the spirit of the exam and infuses negative competition among the students.
  • Keep yourself updated by reading newspapers, listening to the news, and reading GK books as part of the preparation for the exam.  Keep your knowledge updated and enhance yourself with knowledge from all spheres.
  • Improve your vocabulary by reading articles, add a new word to your vocabulary, solve quiz, puzzles, and improve your logical reasoning by solving problems.  Prepare quick facts notes and short notes for assistance during revision.
  • Lastly, take care of your health and have a balanced diet.  The importance of eating and sleeping well cannot be emphasized enough.  Do not stay up late at night. The required 8 hours of sleep will only boost memory and help the brain to retain any new information.  It also helps balance out any stress. Waking up early and studying in the early morning is a much better option as the mind is fresh.


Recommended Olympiad books for Class wise are:


The last week before the Olympiad is very crucial.  Plan and schedule your days practically ensuring that you do not waste any precious time.  On days 1-3, just finish 3 topics and not more than that. One day 4-5, solve as many previous papers as possible with regular breaks.  On days 6-7 make sure that you do not over or under work as it could lead to mishaps. Be positive and confidently solve as many sample papers as you can.  Do not forget to take up mock tests.

During the Olympiad:  On the day of the Olympiad, wake up bright and early and have a balanced breakfast.  Make sure that you have all your stationery like pens, pencils, etc. and calculator (if allowed) with you.  Once in the examination hall, be calm and make use of the reading time provided. At the beginning of the exam dedicate sufficient time to read the entire paper thoroughly.  Decide which questions you will begin answering and know how you will approach the questions. Allot time for each question based on how many marks it is worth. At the end of the exam spare some time to check your answers and fill in the gaps.  Mark on the OMR sheets carefully as once marked, it is hard to erase or mark it again.

Concluded ways to Success for Olympiad Exam:  The key to performing well in any competitive exam or an Olympiad examination is being confident mentally.  Imagine yourself as a topper and be positive that the outcome will be great. Keep visualizing your success, and it will surely come to you.  A positive and pleasant attitude will go a long way towards achieving success.

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